We wanted to give you a look over the years of our fireworks booth net annual sales, and of course a look at this year's sales!

Profit % increase (after all expenses)  2018 vs 2019 = 26% increase! We set a record!! 

2019 vs 2020 = 22% increase!! Which broke our previous years record AND we worked almost half of the days.


We virtually SOLD OUT our inventory.


2020 was the FIRST TIME in ALL of our years of doing Fireworks (REMEDY ministry + G.A.P. = 17 years) that we were able to close early on the 4th of July.


God is SO good and HE continues to amaze everyone and bless this ministry, even in the midst of a pandemic! 


Thank YOU to all of those G.A.P. volunteers and friends that sacrificed to be there to help us!  Feel free to browse some of the Fireworks Booth photos below of the fun we had!